Annual road construction not as severe in Wright County

There’s an old adage that there are two seasons in Minnesota – winter and road construction season. Anyone who travels any distance runs into detours, slowdowns, pilot cars and the like when they’re on the roads.
While the summer will impact a lot of drivers dealing with state highway and bridge projects, those in Wright County may have it a little easier than most, as most of the 2017 summer construction projects largely avoid the larger cities in the county.
Wright County Highway Engineer Virgil Hawkins explained the summer projects being done in Wright County and said that the projects they’re scheduling won’t have a major adverse impact on local driving.
“Most of our road projects don’t last very long,” Hawkins said. “Your bigger projects are usually state projects, like the recent project on Hwy. 25 near Buffalo that required a detour for several months. Our projects are typically shorter in duration and don’t often result in a road being completely shut down and requiring detours. This year, we only have one such project.”

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