Brute’s Bleat

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What more can a person ask for in a fishing trip to Lake of the Woods, via the Northwest Angle. We, the seven of us, had great weather (no long johns this year), good fishing and your’s truly even managed to win two games of 31 out of eight. One against former Maple Lake banker, George Palmer, and the other against David Robbins, also a two-game winner.
Wayne Rustad won a big one against Muller who was in a slump all of the trip and came home empty-handed. Palmer and David Thompson each had a win and Charles Brutlag, like Muller, came up skunked.
Five of us (the two Davids were new this year) were informed at Jim’s Corner, a border reporting station on the Angle, that Dale Prothero had succumbed to health issues and died May 27th at the Grand Forks hospital. He and his wife, Grace, built Prothero’s Resort from the get-go well over forty years ago. They erected log cabins, some with the help of Huston Lockwood, a renowned self-imposed hermit, who came to Prothero’s to work via a canoe and with whom we enjoyed visiting. Dale and Grace lived in one of the cabins they built while they constructed their own two-story log home. Dale was extremely talented in wood-working and paid a lot of attention to detail. This was evident in their cabins where the homemade cabinets included native wood drawer pulls and the curtain rods were also made out of native wood. He also furnished the cabins with homemade furniture as well as building rustic furniture and picnic tables which they sold. Besides running a successful resort they also raised eight children. Grace is operating the resort with assistance from Bill, a son-in-law, other members of the family, and Gale and Linda Anderson, friends of the Prothero’s from Brainerd. The popularity of the resort is obvious with most guests making reservations two years in advance.

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