Brute’s Bleat


This is the time of year for a lot of wildlife to bring new babies into this world and that includes deer fawns, although I haven’t seen any. Waterfowl seem to be all over and we’ve noticed the two swans off Hwy. 8 north of Maple Lake and across from the Silver Creek Twp. Hall there’s a pair of off-springs. One day that family was precariously sitting on the west shoulder of the highway seemingly oblivious to the traffic. We also spotted one young Sand Hill Crane in Ney Park feeding with its parents. On our way to Cub in Buffalo a hen Mallard was shooing her brood across Hwy. 55 and the newly hatched ducklings were struggling to get over the curb which separates the east- and west-bound traffic. I’m hearing pheasant roosters occasionally, but I haven’t seen any hens with young ones yet.
Publisher, Michele Pawlenty, came up with these photos of a large Snapping Turtle recently as it was in the process of digging a hole and laying eggs, a summer ritual for that species.
Pawlenty said, “ The turtle action began in early June with the egg laying process on June 9th. The turtle chose a sandy spot just off the end of our deck on Sauk Lake in Sauk Centre.” She felt that sunny spot was chosen as necessary for the incubation period which she said could last into the fall.

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