Brute’s Bleat June 28, 2017

Tracks often tell a story and for Laverne Anderson, who lives north of South Haven, the tracks were from a black bear that made its presence known at his residence last week. At first he thought a raccoon had knocked over a bird feeder, but when he came across the tracks he decided a bear was the culprit. The bird feeder was too substantial to be damaged by a small animal like a raccoon, he commented. So if there’s a moral to that story, it is to be aware and to keep an eye out for a black bear on the move!
* * *
Despite all of the honey-do projects that came up while I was enjoying a week at the Northwest Angle, I managed to get out fishing one day last week when George Palmer and I agreed on a day to try Maple Lake for sunnies. We armed ourselves with both a fly rod and a spinning outfit not sure if the panfish spawn was over or not. We found some fish in the shallow water and it was a delight to get a solid bite with the fly rod that often meant a keeper. For the most part the spawn is over and we had to work fairly hard, if fishing is work, before we decided to call it a day with 24 in the livewell. Gene Wadman was on the same lake on a different day and limited out, commenting he had to hunt for them before finding a hot spot.

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