Rides of a lifetime


Lynda Zimmerman, of Maple Lake, enjoys Competitive Distance riding with her horses and continues to be successful. Paso Finos are not a common breed choice for the sport, but any equine is eligible, so Zimmerman competed in two rides in the fall of 2009 to see if she and her horse had the right stuff. They did, and in their first full season in 2010 earned Rookie of the Year honors in the seven-state Upper Midwest Endurance Competitive Rides Association as well as the Minnesota Distance Riding Association. More recently, her two steeds were the number one and number two Paso Finos in the nation in 2015 and 2016. She is aiming for the three-peat this year, starting the season with a successful ride completion with her gelding and a 5th-place finish with her mare.

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