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Hello all, Harold has again left me in charge of his column as he is on a fishing trip with family. He does this every year, and always makes for a good story after he comes back. I hope he comes back with some big fish and even bigger stories.
The last time I was out fishing was the Memorial Day weekend, where myself and some extended family enjoyed some time off together. We were up at Big Sauk Lake, located in Sauk Centre, and the weekend was pretty decent for fishing. Not a lot of walleyes were caught, but we definitely caught a variety of fish. I know when the weather is getting nice because the northerns are very active and probably the most caught fish over that weekend. A buddy and neighbor on the lake, Jim Bieniek, caught his first couple of northerns for the first time ever in his life. Jim and myself went out in a little 14-footer just big enough for both of us.
The first northern he caught was actually doubled up with one that I had caught. As soon as I had the fish on, I stopped the motor and started reeling in when I looked back to see Jim fighting something as well. It wouldn’t be uncommon for his lure to have gotten tangled on my fish or line, but as I saw my line hold steady, his would kick. We realized it wasn’t one fish, rather it was two at the same time. The biggest question was how to get them in, and after some juggling we netted both into the boat. Both northerns pushed the three-pound mark, and it was a very rare double catch for that lake. We were trolling the lake again pretty much every night, and after three walleyes and a dozen northerns for the weekend, I did have one catch that was surprising. As we pushed away from the weed line to circle back, something hit my lure. In the first two seconds the fish launched itself into the air and back into the water. I knew it was big, but it is rare for northerns or walleyes to jump out of the water like that.

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