Brute’s Bleat July 12, 2017

Fishing has kind of taken a back seat since the 4th of July, but I did get out to Ramsey Lake late one afternoon in hopes of finding some hungry sunfish. I did, but they weren’t the take-home variety so I released the three I had in favor of trolling for the remainder of the evening. I was using a nightcrawler and a brass spinner hoping I would come across a walleye. I may have, but I wasn’t patient enough and the fish stripped the worm off of both hooks. I continued the hunt and felt something grab the bait again. This time it was a Northern which took the line out three times before I got a glimpse of it. Ill prepared, I didn’t bring a landing net along, I tried to tire the fish out with hopes of grabbing it by the tail. He was roughly five pounds and seemed exhausted when I must have given him a little slack. The Northern promptly spit out the hooks and adding insult to injury, gave my aluminum boat a hefty slap with its tail as if to scold me for even trying. I went home without any fish! I gave Rock Lake a try one morning, and being the eternal optimist, felt I could duplicate a catch of sunnies like I caught earlier. That didn’t happen either on a morning everything seemed just perfect except the wind was out of the east. Brad Hennen and his family of three kept me company and, like me, didn’t do very well in that spot, but I understand they found 18 keepers by moving around on Rock Lake.

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