Brute’s Bleat July 6, 2017

Fishing in the company of George Palmer and Gene Wadman Thursday morning was not a sure thing after the storms the night before, but it turned out fairly well. It took us awhile to find some hungry sunfish on Maple Lake, but when we did they bit well for several hours. It was sorting as usual to find something respectable to put in the livewell, but we had 30 keepers when we decided to call it quits at 1 p.m. Pieces of leeches seemed to be the bait of choice for George and myself while Gene did well with some angle worms he had dug. Palmer also used some of Berkley’s Power Bait (minnows) which were effective; I used some minnow heads with limited success. We did not find the sunnies in spots we fishing in previous years, but it is always nice to find a new hole that is productive. Maple Lake’s water remains quite clear despite the recent rains and it was exciting to tie into something near a half pound and being able to watch it make circles trying to escape. There was a huge flock of cormorants scanning the lake’s surface, apparently looking for a good feeding spot. They settled on an area out from Puncochar’s farm where they were milling around for 10-15 minutes.

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