Local man publishes stories that teach lessons


Fifty-some years ago, Reuben Streich and his young family were living in California, far from everyone and everything they knew. Health reasons had necessitated the move from the Midwest to the far west of the country, and it was a far cry from what the Minnesota farm children were used to. 
To fill some of the void, Streich took to telling his five children stories centered around the farming lifestyle they had left behind.
“One night I would go to the boys room and tell a story and the next night I would go to the girls,” he said with a smile.
He made up the stories as he went, always trying to include some sort of lesson.  
The adventures of Mr. Kaboodelboo and his Big Fat Dog were never forgotten, and now they never will be. Earlier this year, Streich published those tales in a collection of short stories, making them available through Amazon.com to virtually any little boy or girl in the world. 

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