Open Your Heart provides Wright County Community Action with a $6,990 grant

Each year Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless supports more than 200 homeless shelters and food shelves like Wright County Community Action (WCCA) throughout urban, suburban, and rural Minnesota.
Open Your Heart looks for gaps in funding of services based on geographic or demographic considerations and reaches out to agencies serving those communities. They support programs in communities where many traditional funders do not reach – volunteer run domestic violence shelters, homeless programs in sparsely served remote corners of the state, inner city programs dedicated to serving the poorest among us, and hunger programs serving clientele with special needs. They prioritize visiting programs, understanding organizational challenges and getting to know the communities in which they serve.
WCCA works “in partnership with the community to enrich lives by improving the physical, social and economic well-being of its citizens.” This focus serves as the momentum behind each program they pursue and implement. WCCA strives to address poverty and community development with a multifaceted approach that individually confronts each challenge faced by economically disadvantaged families.
Funds provided by Open Your Heart will enable WCCA to utilize much-needed space as they strive to serve a growing number of households. Open Your Heart will fund a small amount of additional concrete work for WCCA’s Food Shelf warehouse entrance as well. Currently, the concrete work in the warehouse entrance is uneven, creating a walking hazard for volunteers and employees as they load and unload supplies. This is especially problematic for the large population of senior volunteers. This small concrete replacement will increase WCCA’s capability to serve clients by providing support for client services and creating a safer space for each person that walks through their doors.

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