Letter to the Editor September 6, 2017

Letter to the Editor:
On August 26th I attended a meeting of the Maple Lake Property Owners Association. The meeting was an informational meeting to discuss new assessment taxes for lake property owners. The majority of each property owner’s $135.00 a year assessment would be used for weed control. One of the questions addressed concerned the ownership of two properties resulting in a possible assessment of $270.00. Attendees expressed concern about a $270.00 assessment but were okay with $135.00 a year tax. $135.00 a year for school supplies and clothes can be the world to a lot of families. Where does it stop? There was no mention of a cap. Do I vote NO on the Maple Lake school referendum this fall so I can afford the lake assessments? That seemed to be of no concern to the lake association. If you can’t afford the $135.00 a year tax I guess you are not welcome to live on the lake. Have a majority of lake property owners decided to include only the wealthy?
I want Maple Lake to be a great lake. I hope the association can find the means of funding besides increasing taxes. Taxing owners without means to afford the increase to battle weeds or to increase property values doesn’t seem justifiable.
Steve Reining
Maple Lake Township

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