County approves adding donated property to park system

When Wright County spent millions of dollars and got many millions more in grant funding to purchase the Bertram Chain of Lakes Park property, it was made clear that the days of the county buying property for its parks system was going to be over for a long time.
However, gifted property is a different story. At the Oct. 17 meeting of the Wright County Board of Commissioners, Parks and Recreation Administrator Marc Mattice presented the board with a proposed donation of 16½ acres of property adjacent to current county park land that the owner wants to remain undeveloped.
“It’s next to Albert Yeager Nature Area,” Mattice said. “That’s in Victor Township and it’s a wetland restoration site – native prairie (grasses) and some trees. It has a small hiking trail. Landowners in the area actually asked us to put the trail in a few years ago because they want to walk out there. Once every three weeks, we go mow a little section of trail.”
The land is north and east of the Yeager area and it includes wetlands used in waterfowl production. The owner doesn’t want to see development on the land, which is why the county was the first option to donate the land – assuring that it would remain in its current condition.
Mattice said the land wouldn’t serve any specific purpose for the county and wouldn’t require maintenance, adding that it would be ideal for a program the parks department runs that brings disabled veterans out on duck hunting excursions.

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