Doing it the “Hojnacke way”


Mr. H or just H. It’s all the same to Mr. Michael Hojnacke, the beloved math teacher at Maple Lake High School.
He’s the kind of devoted instructor who comes in early, stays late and attends every afterschool sporting event to show his support for the students he has come think of as his own.
“He’s the kind of guy that you can go talk to about anything and you don’t have to be nervous,” said Mikayla Koss, a sophomore at MLHS.
It’s no wonder when the well-liked teacher was diagnosed with cancer, those students wanted to give something back.
All year signs of their support and encouragement have decorated the halls and playing fields of Maple Lake High School.
The letter’s MH adorn Irish football helmets, the volleyball team bolded the H on their team t-shirts in a subtle tribute, and a lighted letter H is the lone occupant of a display case near the gym for students to contemplate as they go from class to class.

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