Legal Notice October 4, 2017

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Wright County Board of Commissioners (County Board), on October 23, 2017 at 6:00 PM, will hold a public hearing on the establishment of a lake improvement district for Maple Lake in Wright County. This public hearing and discussion will take place in the Commissioners’ Board Room at the Wright County Government Center, 10 2nd St. NW, Buffalo, Minnesota.
A petition signed by a majority of the property owners in the proposed lake improvement district has been filed with the Wright County Auditor-Treasurer. That petition requests that the County Board order the establishment of a lake improvement district pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Sections 103B.521 and 103B.535.
Proposed Name:Ma ple Lake Improvement District.
Proposed Boundaries: The Petition proposes to include all properties within one hundred (100) feet of the shoreline of Maple Lake. The Petitioners have supplied the County Board with a map showing the proposed boundaries. This map can be found on the county’s website.
Proposed Purposes And Programs: The proposed lake improvement district would undertake projects to address such water quality issues as weed control, phosphorus and clarity issues and aquatic invasive species. In doing so, they propose to work with Wright County and Wright Soil and Water Conservation District, as well as the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
Proposed Funding: It is proposed that the district be funded by a variety of sources, including federal and state grants, donations from private parties and foundations, and primarily through an assessment levied against those properties within the district. All methods of financing listed in Minnesota Statutes, Section 103B.555 would be considered. Any assessment or service charge collected via the property tax statements would not be collected until 2019 at the earliest.
The establishment of the proposed lake improvement district requires review by the Commissioner of Natural Resources and the approval of the Wright County Board. Concerned citizens may submit evidence at this public hearing held prior to the passage of any resolution establishing the proposed lake improvement district. Concerned citizens may also submit evidence and opinions to the Commissioner of Natural Resources. A copy of the petition is available for review on the county’s website. It can also be reviewed at the Wright County Coordinator’s Office, Wright County Government Center, 10 2nd St. NW, Buffalo, Minnesota, during normal business hours.
Lee R. Kelly
Wright County Coordinator

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