Legal Notice December 27, 2017

CITY OF MAPLE LAKE AMENDED ZONING ORDINANCE SECTION 80 (FEE SCHEDULE) The City Council of the City of Maple Lake, Minnesota ordains: Section 80 of the Maple Lake Zoning Ordinance is amended as follows: • List Reservation Fees under Permits • Remove Bldg. Permit Deposit for Non-Residential & Multi-Family Permit Fee under Planning & Zoning • Remove Dance and Large Assembly Fees under Permits • Water Minimum Non-Utility User Fee to be $30 for tiers 1 & 2 usage. Usage over tier 2 will be charged a $10 fee plus gallons used. • Remove Addition Report Fee under Misc. Utility Charges This ordinance shall be effective January 1, 2018. Adopted by the City Council this 19th day of December, 2017. Lynn S. Kissock, Mayor City of Maple Lake Attest:  Lee Ann Yager City Clerk/Treasurer (14c)

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