Legal Notice October 25, 2017

NOTICE OF PUBLICATION OFFICIAL SUMMARY OF THE AMENDMENTS TO CITY OF MAPLE LAKE ZONING ORDINANCE SECTION 41: ACCESSORY BUILDINGS, STRUCTURES, AND USES SECTION 44: LANDSCAPING AND WOODLAND PRESERVATION PROVISIONS AND SECTION 53: SIGN ORDINANCE The City Council of the City of Maple Lake adopted Amendments to the above Zoning Ordinance Sections on April 18, 2017 and October 17, 2017 and has approved this summary for publication. Summary of Provisions: Section 41: Accessory Buildings, Structures, and Uses is amended as follows: 41.05 Location Regulations for Residential Districts: additional language regarding alley setbacks was added; Subdivision 3 regarding corner lots was added; 41.07 Dimensional Limits & Construction Standards: Subdivision 8 regarding prohibition of metal corrugated siding or permanent sheet metal was removed; Subdivision 9 regarding roof pitch was removed. Additionally all references to 120 square feet or smaller was changed to 200 square feet or smaller Section 44: Landscaping and Woodland Preservation Provisions is amended as follows: Changed the title to Landscaping Provisions Section 44.01 Purpose: added preservation of woodlands. Section 44.03 General Regulations: renumbered and reorganized the subdivisions; added a requirement that if a landscape plan had been required that replacement of materials would be consistent with the plan. Section 44.04 Tree Enhancement and Woodland Preservation: removed Woodland from the section heading; removed authorized removal of dead trees and undesirable trees. Section 44.07 Tree Preservation Plan Required: changed 4 lots to 3; added language allowing other approval in the City’s sole discretion. Section 44.08 Minimum Quantities: changed Park Board to Zoning Administrator; reduced the minimum requirements for trees and foundation plantings in the I-1 district. Section 44.10 Types of New Trees: added that others may be approved in the sole discretion of the City. Section 53: Sign Ordinance is amended as follows: Section 53.01 Title, Intent and Purpose: added definitions for front yard and rear yard. Section 53.07 Types of Signs Permitted in Each District: added additional freestanding sign as an interim use for properties with at least 750 lineal street frontage; added electronic graphic display as an interim use in the AG district. Section 53.08 Size limits for Each District: increased the size limit in the AG district; added that an additional free standing sign is permitted if both the front and rear yards abut a street in the AG, B-1, B-2, and I-1 districts. Section 53.10 Non-conforming Signs: clarified that the sign cannot be replaced with another non-conforming sign. The City Council has determined that publication of the title and summary of the Zoning Ordinance Amendments for Sections 41, 44, and 53 as set forth in this summary will clearly inform the public of the intention and effect of the ordinances. The Council also directs that only the title and this summary be published. A copy of the entire text of the ordinances shall be posted at City Hall and at the Maple Lake Library. Adopted by the City Council of Maple Lake on this 17th day of October, 2017. These ordinance amendments shall be effective upon publication. (5c) NOTICE OF PUBLICATION AMENDED ZONING ORDINANCES The City Council of the City of Maple Lake, Minnesota ordains: The following sections of the Maple Lake Zoning Ordinance are amended as follows: Section 5.04 Subd. 1 Reference to detached accessory structure floor area of 120 square feet is changed to read 200 square feet Section 5.07 Subd. 2 Removed “Planning Commission” and replaced with “Zoning Administrator” Section 40.06 Open Sales Lots. Deleted principle authorized use of the premises and replaced with the uses permitted in the zoning district. Deleted All used passenger cars and/or trucks, motor scooters, motorcycles, boats, recreational equipment, recreational vehicles, trailers, construction equipment, and lawn ornaments held for sale or stored for sale, shall be stored within a building. Section 45.01 Purpose. Addition of language “…screening to visually improve and beautify the City and to…” Section 45.03 Subd. 1-D Addition of language decorative “rock or” mulch Section 46.04 Subd. 1-P Addition of language “In industrial districts, Class 5 gravel or other surface may be approved upon application to the City.” Section 46.04 Subd. 2-G Addition of language “…however in the sole discretion of the City, a portion of the parking lot may remain uncurbed if such curbing would interfere with the drainage/storm water management…” Section 46.06 Subd. 13 Addition of language “If more than 1 shift is operated, the number of parking spaces required shall cover the number of employees on the 2 largest consecutive shifts.” Section 46.10 Delete “and Access” so title reads “Access Drives”. Adopted by the City Council this 18th day of April and this 17th day of October, 2017. Lynn S. Kissock, Mayor City of Maple Lake Lee Ann Yager City Clerk-Treasurer Published in the Maple Lake Messenger on the 25th day of October, 2017. (5c)

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