Legal Notice – January 31, 2018


Notice is hereby given that Corinna Township Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment will convene on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, at 7:00 PM at Corinna Town Hall to conduct the following public hearing(s): Any tabled items from previous meetings that have provided the required information. Variance to construct a dwelling with attached garage and porch apelyproximat 24.6′ from the top of a bluff (min. 30 ft required), 11.9 ft from the north property line (min. 15 ft required), and 14 feet from the south lot line (min. 15 ft required). Applicant: Patrick and Dianne O’- Keefe. Property address: 10351 State Hwy 24 NW, Annandale. Sect- Twp-Range: 9-121-27. Parcel number( s): 206000093202. Variance to construct additions to the entry of an existing dwelling approx 74 ft from Sugar Lake (min. 75 ft required), and an addition to the existing attached garage approx. 10 ft from the north (side) property line (min. 15 ft required). Additions are to an existing dwelling that is approx. 58 ft from Sugar Lake (min. 75 ft required). Building coverage to increase from approx. 18% to 19% (max. 15% allowed). Total impervious coverage to remain at approximately 34.5% (max. 25% allowed). Applicant: Jody and Linda Gueningsman. Property address: 10465 Hollister Ave NW, Maple Lake. Sect-Twp-Range: 11-121-27. Parcel number(s): 206000114203, 206072000200, and 206000114208. Variance to construct a dwelling and tuck-under garage addition approximately 41 ft and 50 ft from Cedar Lake (min. 75 ft required) to a dwelling that is currently 3 ft from a side lot line (min. 15 ft required). Applicant: Michael and Jennifer Mrugala. Property address: 6980 Ingram Ave NW, Maple Lake. Sect- Twp-Range: 34-121-27. Parcel number(s): 206069000011 and 206000341103. Preliminary plat for a two lot residential subdivision. Lots to be approximately 6.81 and 1.78 acres in size and approximately 306 and 157 ft in width. Applicant: James Shadduck. Property address: 8873 State Hwy 24 NW, Annandale. Sect-Twp- Range: 21-121-27. Parcel number(s): 206000211200. Measurements and details are approximate and/or subject to change during the public hearing. All interested persons are invited to attend these hearings and be heard or send written comments to the Township. Application information and a staff report are available for viewing at www.hometownplanning. com (staff report typically 5-7 days prior to the hearing date). A quorum of the Town Board may be present at the meeting, but will not hold deliberations or make any decisions. Ben Oleson, Zoning Administrator, Corinna Township (19c)

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