Letters to the Editor

To the editor: When you think about your family budget, what are some of your concerns? Maybe your wages aren’t increasing as fast as they should; maybe you think too much is coming out of your check before it even hits your bank account. The new senate majority is on the job. Last year, we passed the largest tax relief package in almost two decades, with relief for families with children, momand- pop business owners, working families, and much more. Our new approach to taxes is letting you keep as much of your money as possible. The work isn’t over yet. Unless Minnesota updates its tax code to match changes made recently at the federal level, we’ll miss out on all the benefits of the federal overhaul. Unless we act, government is going to collect way, way more of your money than it needs, and you’ll have to hire H&R Block to navigate the differences in our tax laws. More importantly, we’ll miss out on the economic benefits. The entire purpose of overhauling our tax laws is to stimulate job growth, boost wages for working families, and jumpstart the economy. If we don’t act, Minnesota will be left behind while our neighbors reap the benefits. The 2018 session should once again be about protecting and growing your wages, because there is still so much more we have to do. Sen. Bruce Anderson District 29

Dear Editor, Every day an emergency vehicle in Wright County will be required to make an emergency run to a crisis situation. The emergency responder will activate their emergency lights and siren. Motorists who encounter an emergency vehicle can either help, or hinder, that emergency vehicle in reaching the scene. When seconds can make the difference between life and death, I encourage your reaction to be a helpful one. When you are driving, make sure you are paying attention and are aware of your surroundings. Our responders often report being behind a vehicle that is driving the speed limit in a lane of traffic that is totally unaware there is an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens on behind them. Remember to check your mirrors often because with the radio and heat/cold controls in use, you may not hear an oncoming siren with closed windows. When there is an emergency vehicle approaching from behind (or oncoming), you should move to the right shoulder and come to a complete stop as soon as you can safety do so. We often see drivers who are impatient and move over, but only slow down or creep along the shoulder. This slows emergency responders down and increases time it takes to get to a scene. Once an emergency vehicle has passed you, be sure to look for additional emergency vehicles that are responding before you safely return to the roadway. An extra few seconds on your part as a driver could make a big difference for emergency responders trying to get to a scene. Try to remember how you would want drivers to react if that emergency vehicle was on its way to your home.
Sincerely, Brian Nord Operations Manager, Allina Health EMS Buffalo, MN Safe Communities of Wright County Board Member

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