Local Man Plays Part in Super Bowl 52

Spencer Erdahl displays the wardrobe he’ll wear as a member of Crew 52, a volunteer group whose job it is to extend a warm, Minnesota welcome to the more than 1 million visitors expected to arrive in Minneapolis this week for Super Bowl 52. (Photo by Brenda Erdahl)


On Saturday, Feb. 4, Minnesota will host it’s first Super Bowl since 1992. For months people across the state have been gearing up for the big day.

The celebration began in Minneapolis, Saturday, Jan. 27 and will continue with an assortment of events all week long to entertain locals and impress out of towners. Even locally, citizens are getting involved to make sure visitors to the “Bold North” are having a pleasant experience leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.

Spencer Erdahl of Buffalo is proud to be a “face of Minnesota” this week as a member of Crew 52. Erdahl, who grew up in Maple Lake, is one of several from the area involved in this hospitality group whose job it is to provide a warm, Minnesota welcome for the more than 1 million visitors expected to arrive this week. He was one of 30,000 to apply, 15,000 to be interviewed and 10,000 chosen for a spot on the Crew 52 team.

“I am very happy and pleased that I get to do this. I can’t wait, it should be a blast,” Erdahl said. This week, members of Crew 52 will be seen throughout Minneapolis, greeting, smiling, and helping visitors to the Super Bowl festivities get safely to where they are going. They will be recognized by their matching blue and purple clothing and welcoming expressions.

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