Senator Anderson recognized for work on disability issues

State Senator Bruce Anderson (R-Buffalo) has been recognized by the Minnesota Organization for Habilitation and Rehabilitation (MOHR) for his work on behalf of the disability community during the 2017 legislative session, including funding increases for day training and habilitation, and independent living programs to help people with disabilities develop life skills. “One of the things I have been most happy about during my time in the legislature is that we are finally beginning to change the common view toward people with disabilities,” Sen. Anderson said. “A disability is simply something a person has, not who that person is. Minnesotans with disabilities can be active, contributing members of society who add value to our culture. We have a responsibility to care for our most vulnerable citizens, but we should also be working to put people in the best possible position to succeed. I am proud of what we accomplished together last year, and I can’t wait to continue working with MOHR on our shared goals next session.” MOHR comprises more than 110 member organizations that provide services focused on adult day, day training and habilitation, extended employment, and supported employment service to more than 26,000 Minnesotans with disabilities.

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