Becker and Fynboh Earn Triple A Award

By Brenda Erdahl

Only two seniors with a 3.0 grade point average or higher, and a passion for extra-curricular and community involvement, can attain the status of Triple A nominee for their school for a shot at a state level award.

In Maple Lake, those two seniors were Anna Becker and Jacob Fynboh.

Becker and Fynboh are both academic leaders of this year’s senior class, and were chosen to represent Maple Lake High School in the 30th annual Minnesota State High School League sponsored Triple A competition.

The two students were recognized on Jan. 10, at the Maple Lake American Legion along with other Triple A students from surrounding schools.

“It was an honor to be able to represent my school as a well-rounded student,” Becker said.

“It was an honor to be chosen,” Fynboh agreed.

The triple A’s stand for Academics, Arts, and Athletics, and the award takes into account not only a students’ grades, but also their involvement in extra-curricular activities, athletics, and volunteerism.

Becker and Fynboh were selected by Maple Lake High School staff out of the roughly 74 students in their class.

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