Brute’s Bleat By Harold Brutlag – February 21, 2018

George Palmer and I, along with Vanna, tried fishing on Rock Lake a week ago, Tuesday, and didn’t have much luck with the sunnies. We caught some smaller fish, but none that came up to our standards, 8 – 8 1/2 inches. That’s not very large, but cleaning those that end up looking like potato chips may taste great but seems to be too time consuming for us, even though we’re both retired. We started about 10 a.m. and quit shortly after 2 p.m., mostly because the wind came up and was whistling across Rock at over 10 mph. None of the other anglers didn’t seem to have much luck either. One hint was to fish Rock more towards late afternoon or evening when the crappies and sunfish supposedly put on the feed bag. Our plan was to try that Sunday, but the strong pre-storm wind and an unplanned kitchen drain problem at the Brutlag household put that trip on hold. . . . The fishing grapevine tell us catching Northerns on Pelican Lake is almost a sure thing as the DNR continues to drain that lake in an effort to return it’s prominence of being a duck lake. . . . The out of state anglers from the Brainerd Jaycee Fishing contest that won and were being investigated for having illegal fish were found legal and given their prizes according to a gentleman I visited with at the VA Clinic who was from that area.

The DNR gave this info in their Ottertail county fishing report for 2- 12. Crappies are biting on Blanche, West Battle and Fish Lake in about 15-20 feet. Sunnies are biting at Rush, South Turle and West Battle in 10- 15 feet of water. Walleye reports are best from Ottertail and West Battle, with the most action at night. For pike, use sucker minnows at the weed lines on West Battle, Ottertail, and Fiske Lake.

* * *

On the way to St. Cloud last week we came across three road-kill deer. They were small and looked like last year’s fawns. Apparently none of the human scavengers were interested in them, but I’m sure the night animals, daytime crows, and eagles will feast on the road-kills for several weeks. . .

Mike Muller and his fishing buddy Jesse Allen had great fishing in Florida last week when they fished a channel running into Lake Okeechobee. Muller figured they had a near limit of 50 when they decided to count noses.

He came up with 42 crappies which were legal, 10 1/2 to 14 1/2 inches, and filled the five gallon pail shown at the bottom of his photo of Allen and Juan.

Jesse is the guide and Juan has been cleaning the fish for several years for a modest fee. Muller commented they’re careful about the fish they keep, especially after Jesse was pinched last summer for keeping some undersized fish by mistake. Muller wasn’t fishing with him that day, but he said Jesse’s fine was substantial. Muller said they try to fish in the early part of the day because it heats up fast on the lake which is south of Miami.

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