Messenger Wins Award in Advertising Excellence

The Maple Lake Messenger was very pleased to hear that they had won an award a couple of weeks ago at the Minnesota Newspaper Association’s 151st annual convention. In a statement about the Messenger’s advertising, judges wrote, “Excellent use of space and color on ads. Visually appealing.”

Judges for the Better Newspaper Contest, hosted by MNA, awarded the Messenger second place for Advertising Excellence in their circulation category for the submission of three of their newspapers they did throughout the past year. The contest picked the dates of three newspapers they wanted to look at, and then those three issues were judged on overall excellence in locally prepared display and classified advertising. For advertising overall, judges considered consistency in ad quality, the number and variety of advertisers, color, and creativity. With respect to display advertising, judges considered the probable total effect on the reader; the use of good design, typography, and creativity in the ad. In addition to the general appearance of display advertising throughout the issues, they judged on presswork.

“It is an honor to be recognized by our peers for the creativity, color, and layout of our ads in our newspaper and I am very proud of my whole staff for collaborating together to achieve this award. It’s been some years since we have won an award from MNA, so it’s encouraging that we are on the right path to making our newspaper one that the community and our advertisers can be proud of,” said Publisher, Michele Pawlenty.

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