St. Patrick’s Books and Gifts Turns 10

Ten years ago, three strangers were called together for one purpose, to keep a Catholic book store alive in Maple Lake.

On Friday, February 25, St. Patrick’s Books and Gifts on Birch Ave in Maple Lake will celebrate that 10-year milestone and the women who made it possible.

Debbie Huikko, Karrie Weber, and Donna Rosthstein had seen each other at St. Timothy Catholic Church where they attended mass regularly and maybe shook hands during the peace offering, but beyond that were virtual strangers until fate called them together.

At that time, Mary Beth Drier was closing her gift store on main street. While not dedicated to Catholic Items, it did have a section for customers looking for a special gift for someone celebrating a First Communion or Confirmation.

Huikko worked for Drier and wanted to keep the bookstore, but in a more Catholic way

It was Drier who got the three women together.

“We sat down right here in the store in front of those windows and had a little pow wow,” said Huikko pointing to the set of windows looking out on Birch Ave from inside St. Patrick’s Books and gifts.

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