Board Reduces Down List of Class/Comp Bidders

By John Holler, Correspondent

When you’re an employer that has many workers such as Wright County, at times it can be difficult to assign the value of a specific job in one department compared to that of another department. At the February 27 meeting of the Wright County Board of Commissioners, a list of eight contenders to perform a countywide Classification and Compensation (typically referred to as “class & comp”) study was whittled down to three.

The requests for the proposal asked several parameter questions of the firm, including project cost, the steps taken within the project, projected completion date, insurance and project staffing. Wright County Human Resources Director Schawn Johnson laid out the process that has taken place to date, and what the next step will be.

“The committee of the whole met on February 14 and we discussed the eight proposals we received for the class and comp study that we’re planning on starting in March,” Johnson said. “We reviewed all eight proposals and, after discussion, we agreed to proceed with a final round of three of the candidates that submitted a proposal.”

The three finalists are Springsted Inc., Bjorklund Compensation Consulting, and Keystone-Compensation- Saado Abbound. A committee of the whole meeting has been scheduled for March 6 to interview all three of the finalists to determine which firm to proceed with.

Johnson placed his own personal ranking of the eight proposals, identifying Bjorklund at No. 1, Keystone at No. 2 and Springstead at No. 5.

Class & comp studies are required by law to comply with the Federal Pay Equity Act. There has been some debate over the validity of the previous class & comp study performed for Wright County. County Attorney Tom Kelly said he is waiting for results of two appeals from his office, and Chief Deputy Todd Hoffman comments that comparable positions from the previous study were often questioned during union negotiations.

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