Letters to the Editor – March 21, 2018

To the editor:

We read with interest the letter to the editor from Commissioner Charlie Borrell and feel compelled to respond. We too desire a county government that provides great service, minimizes the tax burden on ordinary citizens and provides a safe, healthy environment for current residents and for generations to come. On that we agree. However, commissioner Borrell presents a false choice claiming that by turning down the rezoning request of Advanced Disposal, Inc. the board has somehow damaged the ability of Wright County to thrive economically. This is simply not true. In fact a strong argument could be made that a mega landfill (including household waste, as stated in the environmental Impact statement & original zoning change application) could actually hinder the economic growth of Monticello, Buffalo and Maple Lake Townships. This was the opinion of the boards of supervisors of all three of these townships. They recommended the county deny the zoning change.

Most disturbing to us is Commissioner Burrell’s defense of the “property rights” of Advance Disposal Inc., a Florida based public corporation, 50% of which is owned by Hightower Capital, a Wall Street Hedge Fund. While he champion’s their property rights he apparently ignores the rights of more than one hundred families/property owners who would live within a 2 mile radius of the proposed landfill. Why are the property rights of a Florida corporation more precious than those of Wright County Citizen’s? Zoning laws are fundamental to the function of a community. Night clubs with strippers don’t belong next door to churches or grade schools. If you don’t believe in zoning ordinances, Commissioner Borrell, perhaps you should not serve on the Planning Commission. Maybe then there would be fewer deviations from the land use plans set forth and agreed to by Wright County Citizen’s. If you really want to save money for the county perhaps you will stop encouraging Advance Disposal, Inc. to yet again petition for a zoning change forcing the county, for a third time, to expend resources, manpower, time and energy go through the whole process all over again. It is time for Commissioner Borrell and Advance Disposal, Inc. to accept the will of the people and move on.

Jeff Young, Buffalo Mark Rise, Monticello

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