A Passion for Pinball

By Nick Pawlenty

Tim and Deb Nabours own the Nabours Novelty building off of Highway 55 for the last 26 years. They are located next to the A-Meat shoppe and BP Amoco. Many may have driven past the building wondering what happens behind its doors, and may be surprised to learn that Nabours Novelty has been a staple for pinball and other arcade games- even becoming internationally known.

The business comes down to a simple factor and one that Tim Nabours stands by to this day: A love for pinball and all things arcade.

As a teen, Nabours would find any reason to get to a venue with a pinball machine. He would play whenever he got a chance, and sought out all available machines to play on. In high school, he eventually bought two pinball machinesone that worked and another that was broken.

Immediately, he fell in love.

“I found out how to fix the broken machine by looking at the machine that worked,” He said.

After he graduated and while he was working with Toro selling parts, his hobby of pinball and arcade took to another level as he was trading, selling, and buying pinball machines and arcade games, something he mainly taught himself along the way.

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