David Nelson, EXIT Realty Nexus: The time may be right to sell your home

By Brenda Erdahl

Mortgage rates are still under five percent, so if you’re looking to sell your home, this might be the time to do it.

With a shortage of homes on the market, sellers are getting fast and rewarding results, according to David Nelson of EXIT Realty Nexus,

“Sometimes a property will come up, and it’s gone in 24 hours,” he said.

Nelson has been selling real estate in Maple Lake and the surrounding area for 23 years. He got his start at Annandale Properties, and knows the business. The first step to selling or buying a home is finding the right Realtor, he said.

“I provide professional, passionate, creative, innovative, people-oriented direction to allow clients to achieve their goals. I do so using sophisticated, internet-based systems, both locally and globally to make buying and selling as cost effective as possible. I work to exceed expectations,” he said.

Nelson began selling real estate in 1995 after a lengthy, 35-year career in education. He worked for several realty companies in Annandale before joining EXIT Realty Nexus in Big Lake.

Nelson currently works out of EXIT Realty’s Coon Rapids and Elk River locations as the main agent covering Maple Lake and the surrounding area. He has had clients as far west as Paynesville and as far east as Interstate 494. He’s gone as far south at Hutchinson and as far north as Duelm and Orrock.

“I know this area,” he said. “I’ve owned a lake home in the area since 1948.”

Not only does Nelson have a lot of experience as a real estate agent, he is backed by a reputable company that is known for putting its clients and agents first.

Exit Realty Nexus

EXIT Realty guarantees quality agents by putting them through a rigorous approval process, and

not just any agent can join EXIT, they must be invited, Nelson said.

Nelson had to go through a two-month process before he could join the team, but as a member, he enjoys many benefits that in turn benefit his clients.

For one, he takes part in weekly, mandatory training by international coaches, and is given the option of additional training on technology and its uses in the real estate business, which the company agents use to successfully market properties in today’s competitive market.

He also has access to EXIT Realty patented technology that allows agents to reach more people; a branding program that brands the Realtor and not the company, and most importantly, as part of EXIT Realty Nexus, he is part of a culture that works together not against each other, and is completely client centered.

“We follow a business plan where Realtors don’t focus on growing the company. Our plan takes care of the client first,” he said.

EXIT Realty Nexus has five agencies in Minnesota, including in Garrison, the Metro area and Northern Minnesota in addition to its Coon Rapids and Elk River locations, but it is a nation-wide company.

Nelson specializes in lake homes, pre-owned homes, hobby farms and land sales, and has recently expanded into new and development sales as well. He has had limited commercial experience, primarily with restaurants, and commercial buildings.

While there are not as many options for buyers as Realtors would like this year, he is optimistic that will change in the next couple of months.

“It’s essentially still a seller’s market,” he said, “and there are some really good mortgages that exist, requiring down payments as low as 1 percent, but you have to qualify.”

For more information on buying or selling a home, visit www.DNelson@EXITRealtyNexus. com or call 612-508- 6066.

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