Maple Lake track team makes most of snowy weather

ML Track Spring Winter Olympics

By Brenda Erdahl, Sports Editor

Wintery weather may have waylaid the start of the outdoor high school track and field season, but at Maple Lake athletes are making the best of it.

The Irish were supposed to compete on Thursday, April 5, at Rockford in their first outdoor meet of the season, but additional inches of snow made competition all but possible. Instead, the Irish held their own Winter Olympics, Friday afternoon, April 6.

“I figure there’s nothing we can do about the weather so we might as well embrace it and have some fun,” head coach Ben Youngs said.

Athletes competed in six events that were scored like a regular track meet. Grades were pitted against each other for the prize.

Events included “relay race in the snow,” “shovel as much of the track as you can,” “snowball toss for distance,” “build a snow sculpture,” and “sledding,” the latter in which athletes were awarded points for how many times they went up and down the hill in five minutes. There was also a dynamic warmup where no points were awarded.

The senior athletes were the top finishers of the day earning 40 points; eighth graders came in second with 34 points; the freshmen group was third with 29 points; juniors came in fourth with 23 points; seventh grade was fifth with 17 points, and sophomores were sixth with 12 points.

With any luck, the weather will dry out and warm up by Thursday, April 12, when the Irish will attempt to compete at Rockford again at 4 p.m.

On Thursday, April 19, Maple Lake will host a dual meet with Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity at 4 p.m.


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