Board tours school, grounds

By Katie Friedman Correspondent

The Maple Lake School Board has a longstanding custom of setting a short list of goals for itself, in a process that is revisited on something of an annual basis. Three main areas of priority were set at the board’s regular meeting last month, the first two centering on academic and financial aspirations. The third has to do with addressing various material needs for the school’s building and grounds. For that purpose, board members gathered Monday, April 30, to follow Superintendent Mark Redemske and Custodian Brad Neutz on a wide-ranging tour for an upclose look at the school’s facilities from within and out. Boardmembers Rick Thomas and Joe Mavencamp were unable to attend, and any action generated from the evening’s findings will be delayed until the board’s regular May 14 meeting.

They began with classroom floors whose top tiles were beginning to reveal evidence of an underlayer of unremoved tiling beneath, which Redemske said was one of the few places left in the building that would require asbestos abatement if torn out and uncovered. A cost-saving option was raised of simply carpeting over the floors, but Board Chair Joe Paumen expressed distaste at the notion as “kicking the can down the road,” and fellow board members voiced agreement. As the problem can be found throughout the building, it is likely that step-by-step measures will be taken, perhaps at a pace of two rooms at a time. Choices also remain as to a future floor covering, with options that might include tile, carpet or stained concrete.

Moving outdoors, board members examined the tennis courts, which are riven by deep cracks throughout and have for some time been judged to be at their lives’ end. Research and further discussion remain as to the courts’ ultimate disposal, until which time they will stand empty with their nets removed.

The northern parking lot offers many spending options for resurfacing, restriping, and a more efficient loading area.

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