City modifies street improvement plan

By Katie Friedman Correspondant

Plans for the 2018 Street Improvement Project took major steps forward last week as the Maple Lake City Council took questions and heard opinions of affected property owners, weighed those opinions against the options before them, and accordingly charted a modified course.

The project area, located in the Jude residential neighborhood, includes portions of Seventh and Eighth Streets Northwest (from Robert to Oak), Robert Avenue North (from the north end to Sixth), Maple and Birch Avenues North (from Seventh to Sixth), and Sixth Street Northwest from the city park to Birch Avenue. Improvements will include complete bituminous replacement for the full neighborhood, installation of storm sewer and drain tile, and stubs to lots for an optional sump pump outlet.

Two choices had been considered for curb replacement. The first, calling for spot repair of about 15 percent of the most damaged sections, was ultimately rejected by the council. The second option initially called for complete curb replacement on Robert Avenue North, the western 450 feet of Eighth Street North and the western 350 feet of Seventh Street North, with remaining areas to have spot repair of the most damaged sections. That option has since been modified to exclude complete repair of the Eighth Street section.

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