County to host Law Day event May 11

By John Holler Correspondent

For several years, the Minnesota courts system has attempted to create an open house environment for the public by answering legal questions and providing free legal advice to help resolve questions or problems.

On Friday, May 11, Wright County will host its second annual Law Day in Wright County event. County Attorney Tom Kelly said that the variety of topics and demonstrations that will take place will provide residents with a hands-on overview of how Wright County operates in cooperation with the courts system, and how several county departments have a direct impact on residents. “There are a lot of things available for the public to learn about how the court system functions in Wright County and how it impacts them,” Kelly said. “It’s an opportunity to provide assistance and open up the county to let them see how the county’s court system works and what assistance we can provide to the public.”

The Law Day event will cover a lot of different areas of concern for residents, including receiving free legal advice, probate and civil court cases, resolve outstanding warrants from criminal misdemeanors, receiver drivers’s license reinstatement help, legal advice for criminal expungements, and assistance with completing health care directives.

In addition, presentations will be conducted dealing with such topics as treatment courts, wills, trusts, estates, texting and driving, and demonstrations from the sheriff’s department Canine Unit.

Sheriff Joe Hagerty said the law day, which is in its second year in Wright County, is a collaborative effort between several departments of county government.

“Technically, it’s the Tenth District Court’s show – they’re the ones overseeing it – but we have a lot of involvement from the county,” Hagerty said. “The sheriff’s office is heavily involved, but this is a group effort that includes the county attorney, court services, Central Minnesota Legal Services, public defenders, health and human services, and the law library.”

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