Irish trap team sits at third, looks to improve

by Brenda Erdahl Sports Editor

After completing week four the Maple Lake Trap Team is listed as third in Class 3A Conference but are gearing up for the comeback after holding onto second for weeks.

Qualifying in the Top 25 Males in the conference after week four is Jack Peterson, 22.13; Hunter Wurm, 22.13; Dan Neutz 21.75; Hunter Manka 21.75; Sam Neutz 21.50; Brady Carlson 21.38; Ian Larson 21.25 and Matt Neumann 21.00

Qualifying in the Top 25 Females in Class 3A after week four of competition are Emma Spike, 16.88; Andrea Peterson, 16.00 and Serina Benson 13.75. Week five was shot on Monday, May 21 and the team will find out Sunday how things end up, Head Coach Suzee Schaunaman said.

The Irish will be saying goodbye to nine team members after graduation this spring. Most of them started the inaugural year in 2016. Graduating Seniors account for almost 1/3 of the team.

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