School Extra by Bob Zimmerman

The Spring Volunteer Orientation will be on Wednesday, May 16 at 7:30 am in the Elementary Media Center. Anyone interested in volunteering at Maple Lake Public Schools can find out all the information they need.

People who are already volunteering are required to complete the Mandatory Information Meeting every three years. Check in at the school office and you will be directed to the meeting, which will be about 30 minutes long. You can find more information about volunteering at care or by calling Volunteer Coordinator Celeste Dahlstrom at 320-963-6600. There will be another Volunteer Orientation next fall, which will be held in the evening.

This week’s column is going to be about volunteering because volunteers have a huge impact on our schools and the students in them. There are currently about 210 volunteers and more are always needed and appreciated. The school website lists 57 Volunteer Activity Preferences, which helps in figuring out how your time and talents can be used.

Mrs. Dahlstrom is helpful in matching people with assignments that are needed by the school and rewarding for the volunteer. Classroom assistants and storybook readers, working at a variety of events in school, chaperoning field trips, helping with the sports programs, and completing a variety of clerical duties are just a few of the possibilities. Some of the tasks can be completed at home and there are volunteers who deliver and pick up the work.

Last year, 38 community members contributed to Career Day by sharing their experiences with students. The Mock Crash event held at the High School in 2016 was staged entirely by volunteers. There are many ways to be involved and make a difference.

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