Wright-Hennepin awards $28,400 in scholarships to local students

Margaret Graham, a senior at Maple Lake High School, was one of 21 local students to receive a scholarship from Wright-Hennepin this spring to help further their education.

WH awarded a total of $28,400 in scholarships during a ceremony at WH’s headquarters in Rockford, Wednesday May 30. Students and their families attended the event.

WH began awarding scholarships to local students in 1988. Now in its 31st year, the cooperative has awarded over $680,000.

The scholarship fund was created after a state law was passed allowing unclaimed capital credits to be put into an education fund. In addition to unclaimed capital credits, contributions were made from the Wright-Hennepin Holding Company subsidiaries, – WH Security, WH Services, and HeatMyFloors.com.This allows WH to invest in the area’s youth without impacting electric rates.

The scholarships were given to students whose parent/guardian is a WH member. WH provides one scholarship to each school in its electric service area for an outstanding student pursuing higher education. WH also offers one “atlarge” scholarship for students who attend private schools or schools that neighbor WH’s electric service territory.

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