Birch Ave building unveiled

By Brenda Erdahl:  The re-modeling of the Birch Ave building, formerly The Pottery Farm, has produced more than just dust and debris lately. The unearthing of two cement blocks with the name Jerry Bruns and the date 1971 engraved on them has caused some speculation by the new owner, and since its publication in the Maple Lake Messenger, the community. The author of those words can put to rest their mystery, and local historian Sue Sylvester with the help of the Maple Lake Archives has reconstructed a complete history of the Birch Ave building.

















These men are digging the basement for the 1910 J.J. Nugent Store on the west side of Birch Ave. Work has started once
again on the 108-year-old building. When it is done it will have an updated yet back-to-it’s roots look. (Photo submitted)

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