Renee Cardarelle Announces Candidacy for House District 29A

Renée Cardarelle, a resident of Annandale since 1988 and non-profit professional for 20 years, is proud to announce her candidacy for House District 29A in the 2018 election. “I am excited for this opportunity to work with the communities in District 29A and to learn more about the concerns of the people,” Cardarelle said. “It is my goal to amplify the voices of people in Wright County, to ensure their unique concerns are heard and are given the same amount of attention as the concerns of people in other districts.” “In particular, I look forward to increasing the voices of women in our governing process. For too long women have not been fairly represented, making up less than 30 percent of our elected officials in state offices and less than 20 percent of elected officials federally. The recent #MeToo movement has exemplified how women are still not treated with equality. This is why I advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment to be added to our State Constitution.” For the past twenty years, Cardarelle has worked with others to build stronger communities through her non-profit and volunteer work. She believes that it is vital for government to be rooted in the community, but that too often it becomes the tool of special interest groups and leaders who are removed from the needs of every day people. “We must continually work to ensure all people are heard in our governing processes because that is democracy,” she said. Cardarelle resides in Annandale where she raised her two daughters and where she has been an active participant in civic organizations such as the Annandale Area Community Team and the Girl Scouts. Throughout her career she has focused on fostering opportunities for youth and young adults. To learn more about Renee Cardarelle, visit reneeforhouse. com or

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