To the Editor- August 1, 2018

TO THE EDITOR: Sean Deringer, Captain with the Wright County Sheriff’s Office, is a solid family man, and has shown that he can balance the demands of family life with the challenges of a career in law enforcement. He has earned your support in the upcoming Sheriff’s election. The previous three Sheriffs all began their career as deputies, expressed an interest in expanding their scope of work to supervise others, and were promoted up the ranks to acquire the skills that would eventually make them the best leader possible in the position of Sheriff. And, they served the citizens of Wright County well. Throughout his career, Captain Sean Deringer has expressed an interest multiple times, and has held seven positions where he was directly responsible for the supervision of employees, including training instructor responsibilities in three areas, and working up the ranks in the Sheriff’s Office by being promoted to Sergeant, Lieutenant of two divisions, and to his present position of Captain. None of the other candidates in this race for the Office of Sheriff have taken advantage of the opportunities to develop the skills that Captain Deringer has. Sean Deringer has the right qualifications to hold the office of Wright County Sheriff, and he has my full endorsement and support. Please vote for him in the upcoming election. Don Lindell Former Wright County Chief Deputy Sheriff Bonita Springs, Florida Letters

TO THE EDITOR: I was a police officer for 42 years in Minneapolis, Metro Transit and Walker. I retired as a Captain, I lived for many years on Clementa Avenue in Montrose and knew Mike (Kaczmarek) as a young man. I told Mike stories about cases I worked on and he got very enthused to be in law enforcement. I was proud of him when he became a Wright County Deputy. When I was Captain in Metro Transit I hired Mike part time. It was one of my best decisions. He was an outstanding officer and needed no supervision. He received many commendations from Metro Transit. He is like a lot of the outstanding officers who never sought promotion because he enjoyed being a patrol officer helping citizens and catching bad guys. He would be an outstanding Sheriff for Wright County. I have five children who still live in Wright County.Tony Haven, Montrose; Tracy (Mike) Hinkemeyer, Monticello; Kim (Brian) Jans, Buffalo; Cindy (Jim) Marston, Buffalo; and Denise (Mark) Holthaus, Buffalo. If you vote for Mike he will make the citizens of Wright County proud. Dennis Haven Backus, MN Fish Tales Ryan Blake snagged this 17-inch Large Mouth Bass on Cedar Lake in Annandale recently. (Photo submitted)

TO THE EDITOR: We are electing the top law enforcement position in Wright County. THIS IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST! Stacy Braun believes training is a must! We need deputies to be trained in Active Shooter, Basic First Aid/ CPR First Responder and mental health incidents. He is highly trained and understands the importance of training in all areas of law enforcement & will be a top priority in a Braun administration with no additional cost to the taxpayers. As of right now, Wright County squad cars are equipped with outdated shotguns & need to be equipped rifles. Stacy will tap into his resources to acquire military surplus rifles to better equip our deputies so that they can keep our communities safe . Stacy Braun has worked and understands the management of every division of a County Sheriff’s department including the jail/corrections department. He has plans to better utilize and fill our new jail. He is also a duly sworn ATF & DEA agent and has traveled throughout the country and has gained vast knowledge working alongside these agencies. He has a Master’s degree and is highly trained in mental health issues. He has been an active participant in his local union including contract negotiations. Stacy knows his way around the state capitol and will work hard for the citizens of Wright County. Many feel that you need to have a title to be qualified for the sheriffs position. In his career, Stacy has been offered higher position but he has chosen to decline because he believes knowledge is better gained with “boots on the ground” than sitting behind a desk. A title does not qualify you for the job, experience does.. Please consider going to the primary on August 14th and voting for Stacy Braun for Wright County Sheriff. We need him. Jeanne Holland Albertville, MN

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