To the Editor- August 8, 2018

TO THE EDITOR: For a combined 22 years we were privileged to serve the citizens of Wright County as their Sheriff. We did so using a philosophy that was instilled in us by our predecessor and mentor, Sheriff Darrell Wolff. That philosophy dictates that the primary focus of the Sheriff is always the safety and wellbeing of the citizens he/she serves. It is the duty of the Sheriff to insure the deputies and other employees of the Office understand and follow this mandate. Sheriff Wolff also taught us that innovation guided by a fiscally conservative mindset was the key to smart growth. This mindset has enabled the Wright County Sheriffs’ Office to become one of the largest, yet most cost effective, law enforcement agencies in the State. The citizens of Wright County are now being asked to choose a Sheriff to serve them for the next 4 years. It is our belief that Drew Scherber has all of the attributes that the citizens of Wright County have come to expect from their Sheriffs. His strong commitment to public service has been demonstrated not only by his roles with the Sheriff’s Office, but also by his four terms on the St. Michael/Albertville School Board, and a term on the St. Michael City council. His 14 years of service with the School Board helped guide the Schools through a period of rapid growth and change. We believe Drew Scherber will bring this same dedication to public service and commitment to fiscally conservative, citizen oriented leadership to the Office of the Wright County Sheriff. We think you will find Drew to be a very approachable and hardworking Sheriff who will always dedicate himself fully to your public safety interests. We ask that you join us in voting for Drew Scherber for the Office of Sheriff on primary day, August 14. Respectfully yours, Don Hozempa/Gary Miller Retired Wright County Sheriffs.


TO THE EDITOR: I endorse Sean Deringer as the candidate to be the next Sheriff of Wright County. Sean’s commitment and dedication to making Wright County a great place to live and work has been demonstrated by him for well over two decades. Sean’s first involvement in area Law Enforcement was in the mid 90’s when he first served as a volunteer Buffalo Police Reserve Officer. In 1996 Sean began working for BPD as a sworn parttime police officer. Those two roles were just the first of his dedicated career of serving Wright County citizens as a law enforcement officer and community volunteer. As Sean and his wife Tammy have raised their family in Wright County they also continue their dedication and commitment as volunteers through faith and youth related groups. Sean’s career as a full-time Wright County Deputy has excelled for over 21 years as he has served the rest of us as a patrol officer, emergency response team member, narcotics investigator, firearms and taser instructor, detective, patrol sergeant, internal affairs investigator, lieutenant in charge of the WCSO criminal investigative division and later as the administrative lieutenant, and now as captain of the largest sheriff’s department patrol division in the State of Minnesota. Sean has always tried to improve himself as he worked to improve our county, and he sought leadership roles even though those responsibilities often required additional personal and family commitment. He truly cares about people within and outside of the Sheriff’s Department. His experience and education make him the best candidate by far to lead the Wright County Sheriff’s Department into the future. Sean is one of a very small percentage of law enforcement officers in our country to graduate from the FBI Academy. He will use that exceptional training and the experiences gained in his many roles as a Wright County law enforcement officer and community volunteer to fulfill his plan as the Wright County Sheriff. Sean is definitely ready to lead on day No. 1. I don’t know if Sean pursued his career in the fashion that he did so that he could be Sheriff someday, or if because he pursued his career and family life as he has that he just becomes the obvious choice to lead this 3rd largest sheriff’s department in the state, but it is obvious to me that Sean has in fact done everything that he could have/should have done to be in the position that he is in today. During the past 47 years I have known and respected the last four Wright County sheriffs. I have watched the sheriff’s department grow as our county has grown. We are ready for and need another respected sheriff like Sean Deringer. I’m proud to know I had something to do with Sean’s early days in law enforcement. Please be sure to vote in the Primary Election on August 14th and the General Election on November 6th. Bob Fix Buffalo resident, and retired Buffalo Police Officer

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