Letter to Editor- August 29, 2018

Dear Editor, This letter is in response to a letter posted by Bob Fix, identified on Facebook as Sean Deringer’s Campaign Manager. I am a citizen of Wright County and I am looking for a good Sheriff. But let’s begin with this, I am NOT related to any candidate, I am NOT a friend /associate to any candidate, nor am I a childhood friend or classmate to any candidate. What am I? I am a woman who moved to Minnesota four years ago to teach at the University. I chose Wright County (Annandale) specifically because I love the area, I love the peace and quiet of living here and it is close enough to commute to Minneapolis three days a week. I was so deeply offended by this letter, I have to speak up of my experience. I chose to vote for my specific candidate because he came to my door personally and introduced himself, he sat down with me and went over his plans to better Wright County. When he left, I was very satisfied with the information he provided and his general character, he left an impression of being a very smart individual who wants the best for everyone in this County. I chose to research each candidate after this visit and still came back to vote for Mike, I will vote for him again in November with confidence and firmness! This letter that was penned by Mr. Fix was meant to cheer on a candidate, but it did the exact opposite. It insulted the 11,842 voters that did NOT vote for Mr. Deringer, voters like me. An educated woman, who took the time to look into each candidate and make an informed decision, isn’t this the backbone of our right to vote? We vote for the candidate that most closely mirrors our likeness, political views and the belief that he/she will represent the people. I do NOT believe that the 11,842 voters referenced in this letter will allow these disparaging remarks to sit easy with them and their families. I imagine the outreach from them will be great and lasting! There are 77,825 voters in Wright County, this letter alienated about 15% of them, and now possibly their families and friends, if they choose to speak of this great disrespect of their personal vote. The letter penned by Mr. Fix has now empowered me to go to work this political season! I will be making 100 copies of this letter and I will pass it on to my friends in Wright County, not one of them a candidate for Sheriff, Mr. Fix. I will encourage each of them to look into these candidates and align themselves with the one that they feel will represent us with honesty, ethics and morals. After all if the Campaign Manager insults us in this way, what will his candidate do as Sheriff, if we were not a part of the 5,543 people that did vote for him?

Carol Currie Annandale, MN

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