Letter To Editor- September 5, 2018

To the editor: I was sad to hear the news of the passing of a well known and revered citizen of Maple Lake. John Northenscold was well known to me, even prior to my moving to Maple Lake 25 years ago. I worked with his wife Carol on the Maple Lake Centennial book and got to know him. When I was ready to move to town, I used him as my Real Estate Agent to purchase my first home in Maple Lake. After getting to know him well as I videotaped the City Council meetings I joined him on that Council. He was a true veteran of that body in the truest sense of the word. His experience and understanding of things was a help to all who served with him. John was one to always “do his homework” as we referred to pre-meeting research. He visited sites, asked questions and always came prepared. When I became Mayor his help was invaluable, and, as my predecessor had done, I appointed him Mayor Pro Tem so that if I was not at a meeting, he became the Mayor for that time. His understanding of things, quest for knowledge, and love for his adopted hometown of Maple Lake made him a wonderful asset for the whole town. John Northenscold stayed busy, raising his family, supporting his children and their lives, and always did it with a giant, gregarious smile. Perhaps the long overdue addition to City Hall will be named the “John Northenscold Coucil Chambers.” The land is purchased and cleared, City Hall is overcrowded, and it would be a fitting tribute to him. I believe he was the longest serving Maple Lake Council member, or certainly close to it.

Mike O’Loughlin, Former Mayor of Maple Lake and Ginger O’Loughlin

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