Old times in new school Class of 1968 graduates are first from Hwy 55 complex

By Brenda Erdahl:

In the fall of 1967 the Vietnam War had been raging for 12 years. In six short months the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. would be assassinated, and that summer Senator Robert Kennedy would be mortally shot by Sirhan Sirhan. The peace movement was going strong and change was in the air in Maple Lake. Two years earlier the community was faced with the decision to consolidate school districts or invest a million-plus dollars in a new high school just north of Highway 55. The old school built in 1907 could not accommodate expanding enrollment and the demand for new services. “We make reference to the Greatest Generation, these were our parents,” said Les Rasset one of the first to graduate from the new school. “They grew up in the depression, they were WWII veterans. They sacrificed so much but were still community minded. They were committed to the kids here and their families, and in hindsight, I think they made all the right decisions.”

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