School Extra: Read all about it By Bob Zimmerman- October 3, 2018

I sat in on a MLHS Student Council meeting last week to learn about the organization. The discussion about Homecoming activities brought back more than a few memories. In the fall of 1965, I was involved with creating both the 1st place and 2nd place floats for my school’s homecoming parade. We seniors built a Chinese Dragon that had some serious centipede DNA and used the phrase “Worming Our Way to Victory” to show our school pride and win 1st place honors. The girl up front had the best and only view of our path forward on the parade route and the other seven of us did our best to follow along and not trip over each other. Our FFA and FHA chapters combined creative talents and came up with a dairy cow on the hay wagon float to make “Our Forecast” predicting “Just an Udder Victory for Byron or It’s in the Bag.” Pep rallies, a bonfire in the rain, royalty coronation, the big dance and a football game that we lost 20-6 filled our schedule. That wormy float has been talked about at all ten of our quinquennial class reunions and the details seem to change a bit with each retelling. Some memories get better with the passage of time. Back to the present. Homecoming is a major event for the Student Council and there are lots of small and large details and tasks to attend to. Floats were discussed at length in the meeting and I learned that each class has up to $250.00 to spend on their creation. The money comes from community donations and council members can make the needed purchases and must turn in the receipts to advisor Mrs. Kim Fynboh. The rules for sharing candy with the crowd during the parade were discussed. Candy can be distributed only by students who remain on the float for the duration of the parade or who walk the length of it; no getting on and off the float. Candy must be tossed and not thrown. The Seniors float goes first because the seniors will also help with the coronation. When taking the floats apart be sure to save any reusable items for next year. Bonfire behavior was reviewed and the council members were reminded that attendees should stay around the fire and stay away from the playground. Volunteers are needed for a cleanup crew the day after the fire. Council members should sit near the front of the crowd at the pep rally so they can be available to help as needed. Making sure the leprechaun costume has been picked up from the Costume Shoppe was dealt with. Spray paint for the sacrificial automobile destined to get beat up in the Smash the Car event is onhand. The Homecoming dance will end at midnight, but 7th graders must leave by 11:15. The Toilet Bowl race generated some discussion and anticipation. Buckets need to be placed in the seven volunteer teacher’s rooms for collecting the money that determines the three finalists. The staff who collect the most will battle on Friday to be this year’s Toilet Bowl Race Champion. Modified toilets propelled by favorite instructors using plungers ought to be quite the show. All the money raised will used to benefit some aspect of the school and the Student Council will decide the best purpose. Council advisor Mrs. Rachel Dale told me how important the Student Council is to the success of Homecoming. The members work with the other students in their grades to convey information and coordinate the volunteer time needed to orchestrate a successful week of activities. Most of the activities celebrating school pride would not be possible without the work done by the Council. What I learned. 1. Businesses, organizations, parents, school staff and the student body all get involved with Homecoming at Maple Lake and I’m sure some memories will be made and talked about at future reunions. 2. I will need to write another Student Council column next week to properly share who they are and what they do.

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