TO THE EDITOR- October 10, 2018


TO THE EDITOR: I’ve gotten to know Sean Deringer well over the past 16 years through M.E.A.D.A. (Meth Education & Drug Awareness) and The Safe Schools program. He has a heart for the community & the expertise to build upon the great things our Sheriff’s Office has already accomplished. Sean is the most qualified to lead as our next Wright County Sheriff. He understands the needs of our local municipalities & is ready to lead on day one. My hope is that Sean Deringer can become the next Wright County Sheriff for many years to come Teri Lachermeier Buffalo, MN Letters The Annandale Lions Clubs announces… CA$H BAR Two $500 Coveralls License #02921 Rich’s at Russell’s Every Monday night at 6:30 p.m. Former employees of the Wright County Sheriff’s Office are supporting Mike Kaczmarek. • Mike Super • Ken Antil • Theresa Doerr • Paul Ewald • Bernie Williamson • Mike Laurent • Terry Dehmer • Fred Reimer • Rich Halverson • Lenny Walker • Grant Eldred • Samantha Wilkes • Dale Wold • Jim Carlen • Rick Doerr • Karen Davis • Bruce Doney • Scott Bjore • Todd Korbel • Bill Lindgren • Joel Mackereth • Roger Vieau • Kirk Asplin • Matt Walker • Missie Meemken • Todd Merwin • Becky Howell • Greg Howell • Don Hozempa • Tim Ferrell Prepared and paid for by the Kaczmarek for Sheriff Committee SUPPORT Mike Kaczmarek for Wright County Sheriff

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing to support Christine Husom for Wright County Commissioner— District 1. Over the years, Christine Husom has demonstrated her thoughtful approach to making decisions as a County Commissioner. When she was first elected in 2012, we had a complicated zoning issue in our neighborhood, and Commissioner Husom sat at our kitchen table to gain a better understanding of the situation. Over the years she has worked hard to understand critical community issues such as county infrastructure needs, aquatic invasive species in area lakes, and community services. Christine Husom works hard and serves on dozens of Committees and Advisory Boards in her role as a County Commissioner—everything from budget and transportation to regional crime labs and local emergency medical systems. She is recognized as attentive, thorough, and collaborative when working through issues. Beyond a doubt, Christine Husom is the most qualified candidate for Wright County Commissioner—District 1. Her experience and wisdom will serve us well to strengthen and preserve the high quality of life in Wright County. Please join me in voting for Christine Husom. Kathy Jonsrud | Annandale, MN

TO THE EDITOR: The following endorsement is made in my capacity as a private citizen and a resident of Wright County. This endorsement is not made on behalf of the City of Otsego or the Otsego City Council and should not be construed as anything other than my personal endorsement. Our community needs a qualified leader as our new Sheriff to ensure the protection of our citizens. The safety of my wife, children and Otsego neighbors is my greatest desire and concern. Otsego is a spread-out community, much like Wright County and it’s known for its prairie like landscape. One minute you are driving through farm country on a gravel road with tractors passing you by and a mile later you might be looking up at a restaurant or an industrial park. There is a lot of ground to cover. The sheriff needs to understand the different sort of safety concerns each part of our city and county has. I believe that Sean Deringer has that ability. Otsego is on pace to be the largest city in Wright County and is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Minnesota. Community leaders have to be cognizant of the impacts this brings to future public safety service requirements. It is definitely beneficial to have someone who brings experience working with city and county budgets, staffing solutions and who has analyzed data for potential growth for the planning of service requirements. Sean Deringer has been working with community leaders already doing this. He is a qualified leader and has worked extensively with the City of Otsego on these sorts of city budgets and has a focus on improving technology and communications. In addition to Sean’s qualifications as a leader in law enforcement, it is just as important to me what kind of a person he is and that he can meet the needs of our community. Sean shows a great deal of concern for the residents and our culture. I envision Sean Deringer as playing a big part in our community for years to come and he will continue to serve as a great role model for our youth and for those who want to get involved in community service. I would like to see Sean continue to be at the table working in partnership with our growing community. I endorse Sean Deringer for the next Sheriff of Wright County. I am very confident that Sean will succeed. Corey Tanner Otsego, MN

TO THE EDITOR: Commissioner Christine Husom is an outstanding public servant, dedicated to Wright County and all its’ residents, and is a person of remarkable integrity, character and commitment. As a sister Rotarian, I first experienced Christine’s dedication to our community through her volunteerism with many projects, including Toys for Tots, Adopt A Family, the Food Shelf, and especially the Fishing Klinic for Kids. Through the years I’ve seen those same outstanding character traits in every responsibility Christine takes on because, inherently, it is who she is—outstanding! Her natural response to need is to be of service, to fact-find rather than act impulsively before making important decisions, and to provide a balanced, thoughtful response in even the most volatile of situations because she is driven to do what is best for those she serves. At a time when issues and people can be polarized, I’m incredibly grateful that Christine is working for us all. Her level-headed approach, commitment to all citizens and unquestionable integrity is exactly what Wright County needs to build a solid foundation for our future. On November 6th, please join me in reelecting Christine Husom as our District 1 Wright County Commissioner. Sally Stevens Buffalo

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