Readers recognized in Battle of the Books

By Brenda Erdahl

Maple Lake Elementary students enjoyed a friendly “Battle of the Books” last week as part of February I Love to Read Month. Students in second through sixth grades read a series of books over the course of the school year and on Thursday and Friday, Feb. 11 and 12th answered questions about those books in a game-show type contest for medals. All students participating also received gift certificates to Maple Lake Bowling Alley and Maple Lake Subway. Organizers wanted to say thank you to those two restaurants for their donation. The annual battle usually attracts a good-sized crowd to the auditorium to watch, but this year’s event was a little different because of the pandemic. Instead, like sporting events, the event was livestreamed using

Second grade medal-winners: in first place: Lucas Paumen and Stephen Paumen; in second place: Jett Edmonson, Silas Thuftedal and Robert Peterson; in third place: Olivia Gindele and Maddi Klatt.

Third grade medal-winners: in first place: Whitler Chlan and Jackson Krauze; in second place: Archie Sailer and Gavin Anderson; in third place: Broday Sigler and Maecyn Nix.

Fourth grade medal-winners: in first place: Hazel Jacobson and Kayleigh Turner; in second place: Jack Uecker and Nolan Cole; in third place: Sofia Patton and Annie Dumphy.

Fifth grade medal-winners: in first place: Alexandra Krauze and Rowan Kunz; in second place: Kora Hiltner, Kyrsten Payne and Grace Anderson; in third place: Avery Como and Nola Dalum.

Sixth grade medal-winners: in first place: Max Beffel and Thomas Johnson; in second place: Kierra Grommesch and Ava Hayes; in third place: Brolin Chlan and Blake Stoeber.