Letter to the Editor – October 13, 2021

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Is it possible that Covid can cause brain damage? How else does one explain why a company, which is having a hard time finding workers would then fire workers who refuse to get vaccinated? Or NYC being concerned about nurses and doctors being overworked as Covid cases rise, but will be laying off thousands of medical workers if they do not comply? The new governor has said she will use her powers to call up the National Guard, if they are qualified. Does this mean only if they are doctors or nurses already? If they are, don’t you think they might already be working in a hospital or clinic? (By the way why is it that almost 30% of medical personnel are not vaxed?) Have you seen the professional athletes that have said they will not get vaxed? The media thinks they are uninformed or a Trump supporter.  The ones who agree with vaxing are intelligent and just following science and using their platforms to help enlighten us. Meanwhile the president stops pipeline construction, drilling for oil on Federal land, and then asks the Arab countries to pick up the slack and can’t understand why prices are going up. Thousands of illegals are coming across unvaccinated and disbursed around the country but Fed employees are to be vaxed. The Afghan  evacuation was the worst ever and he calls it a success.

Brain damage?

Randy Mavencamp, Maple Lake