Frequently Asked Questions…

Here are some of our frequently asked questions. If your question does not appear on this page, please e-mail your question for a prompt response.


How do I subscribe to the Maple Lake Messenger?
You can subscribe to the Messenger by calling our office at 320-963-3813, stopping by our office at 218 Division Street West, Maple Lake, MN 55358, or faxing your subscription request to 320-963-6114 – attn: Circulation. You can also subscribe online! Just go to “Subscribe Today” and you can add a new subscription to your shopping cart and and your subscription will be processed immediately.

Can I pay using a credit card?
Yes, we use Pay Pal to ensure the security of your online purchase. PayPal will accept either Mastercard or Visa credit card or a PayPal account for payment. We also take MasterCard and Visa in our office…stop in and we can charge your subscription for you.

How soon can I expect my first newspaper to be mailed?
Any mail subscription request including a new subscription, change of address, or other customer care request will be taken care of by the next issue’s publication.

How long does it take to implement a change of address?
Changes of address will be handled by the next issue’s publication. Also, for your snowbirds, please give us a heads up when you are leaving our cold State to your warm destination so we can make sure your Messenger gets to the address you will be staying at. And let us know when you return so you’ll have your Messenger waiting for you when you arrive home.



What will a year’s subscription to the Messenger cost me?
PRINT EDITION – In County $27/year*
PRINT EDITION – Out of County $30/year*
E-EDITION without Print Subscription – $25/year
Out of State – $52/year*
* Our Print Edition includes our e-edition at no extra cost. See “Subscribe Today” to add your subscription now! Or call our office at 320-963-3813.


What are our classifed rates?
To run a classifed in the Messenger, the cost is $2.00/line. We also do garage sales ads in classified section. Garage Sale Signs available for $1. And did you know that if you are a Messenger Subscriber, your classified ad is free? Contact us now to find out more!

What is the deadline to run a classified in the Messenger?
The deadline to run a classified is noon on Tuesday


What other items can be put into the Messenger?
Birthday ads in the Messenger may include a photo that must be submitted to the Messenger along with the copy by our deadline. A regular size birthday ad is 1 column x 3 1/2 and is $24.47.
Card of Thanks – $15
Birth Announcements – Free (if space available in Community Section) See our online form that can be submitted directly to us. You can also upload your baby’s picture.
Wedding and/or Engagement Announcements – $25 (Happy couple receives free 1 year e-edition) See our online form that can be submitted directly to us. You can also upload your wedding and/or engagement pictures.
Death Notices – Free (Basic notice until full obituary is printed)
Obituaries – $40 (must be to Messenger by noon on Tuesday or late fee assessed)


When is the online version of the Messenger available?
The online version of the Messenger is posted every Wednesday. The e-edition will be available the afternoon of the day the print version arrives at the Messenger for distribution.

What is an e-edition?
The e-edition is an exact replica of the printed version of the Messenger. Print subscribers get the e-edition at no charge. If you would like to receive the e-edition without a print subscription, it is available for $25.

Can I request a copy of a photo or article that has been printed in the Messenger?
If the article was also published online, you will be able to find it for up to 60 days by going to the “Archives” link and using the “Search” feature. We keep hard copies of the Messenger for 1 year at the Maple Lake Messenger office. You can always purchase old copies for $1.00. The e-edition is archived online via the e-edition for around 30 days. You can access those archives by doing a “Site Search” on the Messenger home page, or use the “Advanced” search. We also have hundreds of photos available on our website that can be purchased. Just go to “Photo Reprints” on top of our Home page to look through photo albums.


What kind of print services does the Maple Lake Messenger provide?
We have both black and white and color copy services in a variety of sizes and colored paper. We can reproduce on white, pastel, or even astrobright paper in a variety of weights. We also can print just about anything from Raffle Tickets to Graduation Announcements to Save the Dates, Holiday Letters, etc. Large or small print jobs, give us a chance to bid you a quote…you will find we are very comparable to other print businesses and we will always try to beat the competitor prices. We would love it if you would give your community print shop a chance for all your printing needs.  Single and double-sided copies are available, along with faxing capabilities, and many other services you’d be surprised that we can do! Please call us for details and prices. We love to give you that hometown personal service!

What kind of design services does the Maple Lake Messenger provide?
The Messenger can design just about anything for you! Our Graphic Designers are top notch designers! They can do anything from design a catchy new ad for your business to a flyer you need to hang on your window, to a pamphlet you need to hand out, to your wedding invites, and anything else you need. Our composition prices are very reasonable and we work with you on a one to one basis and give you that personal service you deserve!

What kind of  Advertising design services does the Maple Lake Messenger provide? Your Maple Lake Messenger was awarded and named the “Newspaper in Advertising Excellence” for 2017 by the Minnesota Newspaper Association and its peers.
The Messenger can design any type of ad. Our Graphic Designers are  very creative and create professional ads. They can create a new ad or re-create one you had ran in another publication. We also offer advertising on our website where we have a very large presence of people looking at every day! We can have your ad link to your website or even do a video ad for you. Work with our designers one on one and let them design your award winning ad today! You can call our office at 320-963-3813 to obtain a media kit or you can send an email to for pricing and information.