If you would like to advertise with the Maple Messenger, please contact us at 320-963-3813. We will be happy to discuss prices per column inch for our newspaper and special sections and/or projects we do throughout the year. If you’re an advertiser who likes to plan a budget for the whole year, we can work with you on a marketing strategy to plan what your advertising needs may be for the entire year. We can work out a budget where you can have a monthly payment that is affordable and can end up cheaper if you plan out the entire year at one time. Give us a call…let’s discuss your advertising needs now!

You can also always send a .pdf of your ad to: ads@maplelakemessenger.com or call Don, our Advertising Manager, and work with him on a new design or catchy ad!

 Take advantage of these great deals to get your advertising out to the community today! 

 8 Benefits of Advertising in your local Maple Lake Messenger…

(1) Affordability

Local newspaper advertising is an affordable option for small businesses. Rates per ad vary depending on the size, location, use of color, and circulation of the paper, giving businesses a variety of options depending on their budget. Newspaper ads are more affordable than television, direct mail, or radio advertising, and despite the rumors that print media is dying, advertising in local papers is still thriving.

(2) Timelines and Great Flexibility

One of the benefits of local newspaper advertising is flexibility. There is no limit to exposure with advertisements as they can be examined at leisure. Readers can take their time with the messages. There are also options for inserts cards and booklets that stand out from the paper and grab the reader’s attention. These inserts can also include coupons and special offers that encourage reader interaction. You can manage the frequency of your ad’s reach depending on the circulation of the newspaper you choose to post in. Contact us for insert prices…you’ll be pleasantly surprised how affordable inserts can be and how they get your message out there to the community.

(3) Proactive Audience

Another advantage of local newspaper advertising is that you can increase the chances that readers will notice your ad, especially if they are looking for deals. They will take the time to read it and possibly even follow through with a sale or offer.

(4) Targeted Geographic Audience

Did you know an average issue of a weekly or daily newspaper reaches more people than the average half-hour prime-time television show? The span of attention for an average Internet user is only eight seconds whereas print media readers spend much more time reviewing information, news, and advertising. Local newspapers tend to target the local geographic market, which means you can efficiently connect with a wide community of people who are likely to buy into your products or services. There are tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers to newspaper publications in cities and metro areas. Buying into local newspaper advertising benefits you with great exposure at affordable rates.

(5) Build Trust

Publishers at local newspapers put in great effort to build and maintain positive relationships with community members to establish a loyal customer base. As the reputation grows, members begin to trust the company more, to provide timely and accurate information. Subscribers also believe the trusted local paper won’t do business with companies that are untrustworthy. You can build a positive reputation in the community simply by associating with a trusted local newspaper.

(6) Last-Minute Changes

A rapid turnaround on production changes is another benefit of advertising in local papers. If something changes and you need to quickly adjust something with your ad at the eleventh hour, the newspaper advertising department is able to get the job done quickly in most cases.

(7) Wide Range of Advertising Options

Advertising in newspaper gives you the freedom to choose the type of ad and position (classified, feature, display, etc.) that most effectively sends your message to your target audience. You are able to adjust the size of your ad, its format, and its color to achieve the desired impact. Contact the Messenger to work with our talented designers that can custom build an ad for you that fits your advertising needs.

(8) Convenience

Newspaper companies provide readers many different platforms to choose from so they can receive their news and advertising content in the most convenient way. Since there is still a dedicated readership of subscription newspapers and local newspapers, you will benefit from reaching an audience who finds reading print media convenient and a part of their daily routine.