Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:
The Sawatzke family has been supportive of the St. Timothy Church in Maple Lake for over 50 years.  We have given our time, faith and support and it has been a huge part of our lives. Our parents, Floyd and Donna Sawatzke, were married in the church as well as other members of our family after that. Weddings, along with first communions, baptisms and Sunday Mass, have all taken place at St. Timothy and we have put our trust and loyalty into the parish. Until now.
On September 25, 2013, our mother, Donna, passed away. She was a mother, grandmother and beloved member of the Maple Lake community. As planning went underway for her funeral and wake, we of course turned to St. Timothy for support. Due to timing circumstances, we were unable to find an appropriate location for the wake that was available. We asked St. Timothy if they could help us in hosting this, as they were already signed up to host the funeral the next day. We were turned away. The church stated that this was not allowed and they could not assist us. We were then forced to find some other option–which prevented us from properly advertising the funeral and wake details in the local paper to inform the community.
We then turned to St. Francis Church in Buffalo, who welcomed us with open arms, despite none of us being current members. They did a phenomenal job with both the funeral and the wake and did not hesitate to help us during our time of need. They helped us properly honor our mother and we are very thankful to them for that.
The morals of the St. Timothy Church are now coming into question. Why was it so easy for St. Francis to host our mother’s wake and not St. Timothy when they belong to the same archdiocese? We have been in support of St. Timothy for over 50 years and they could not help us in a time of sorrow and hardship? What would Jesus say?
The family of Donna Sawatzke