School Extra by Bob Zimmerman

Graduation Day marks the beginning of summer break for Maple Lake Public Schools. I did not give much thought to my high school during the summer months back in the sixties. There were probably a few things going on at the school, but my Dad could usually find enough work on the farm to keep me busy, and I spent a fair amount of my “free” time stacking hay bales for a buck an hour for a neighbor. This quick trip down memory lane was inspired when I started thinking about how quiet our schools probably get in June, July, and August. After all, how much can be happening when there are no classes in session?

Activities Director Mr. Tim Tungseth and Activities Secretary Heather Haney quickly let me know that it gets really busy at school during the “quiet” months of summer. High School state tournaments extend into the middle of June, so our team’s successes keep coaches, staff, and players busy. Our Marching Band practices and “struts their stuff” at area parades during the summer; the 2nd week in June features Drivers Training; the weight room is open and supervised from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the summer; Special Olympics track events happen once a week; the Parents-Athletes- Coaches-Trainers meeting is scheduled for August 6; practice for the High School football, volleyball and cross-country teams starts on August 13; the school’s ball fields are used “just about every night” by a variety of teams. It sounds like all that quiet gets a little noisy.

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